Holmes and Dr. Watson

Holmes and Dr. Watson

Although not many details have been offered in these stories, but on ocassions some background and early life of Holmes is discussed. In ‘The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual’ and “The Adventure of the Gloria Scott’ Holmes early life has been depicted.

While studying in University Holmes satrted to develop his extraordinary skills and he decided to become a professional crime detective after he got inspired with an experience with his friend’s father. Not much about his family is disclosed as well, in ‘The Greek Interpreter’, Holmes tells his trusted friend that his grandmother was the sister of French artist Vernet.

Holmes also had an elder brother Mycroft Holmes who is shown to have even greater deductive skills  than Sherlock Holmes. Mycroft works as a government official and is a waliking database for the policy makers. Despite having superior skills to his younger brother Mycroft’s lack of energy did not allow him to become a detective. He has appeared in person in three stories ;The Greek Interpreter’, ‘The Final Problem’ and ‘The Bruce-Partington Plans’, while Homes also mentions his elder brother in ‘The Empty House’.

In ‘His Last Bow’ The date of birth of Holmes is placed somewhere around the year 1854. In ‘The Adventure od the Veiled Lodger’, it is mentioned that Holmes has been actively working as a detective for twenty three years, and only seventeen of these years are spent with his loyal friend Dr. Watson.