102334-004-3cf939dbSherlock Holmes mainly persued this profession just for the sake of it and not for any monetary rewards. Although, no set amount has been mentioned in any of the stories as his standard fee but he does mentions in ‘The Problem of Thor Bridge’ that his charges are fixed, when his client offers to double the fees.

It is to be remembered that the cause of the first meeting between Homles and Dr. Watson in ‘A Study In Scarlet’ was due to financial problems as both were looking for a room mate to share the rent expenses. But Dr. Watson mentions in ‘The Adventure of the Dying Detective’, that the amount Holmes paid to acquire an apartment in Baker Street, was enough to actually buy it.

Holmes throughout his career serves for many famous and influential personalities and families who alos in return rewarded him, sometimes much more than his standard fee. In ‘The Adventure of the Final Problem’ Holmes mentions that his services to the French government had earned him enough to live a comfortable life.

Dr. Watson states about Holmes in ‘The Adventure of the Black Peter’ that it was Holmes norm to refuse trivial cases from wealthy clients while he often devoted himself to cases in which he had no hopes for any reward. But he does ask his clients to recompense the cost which he had to bear during investigation in ‘The Adventure of the Speckled Band’, ‘The Red-headed League’ and ‘The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet’.

Despite Holmes aversion for rewards, he rather takes his old friend Dr. Watson by surprise when he ‘rubs his hands in glee’ and pats the cheque from the Duke of Holdernesses ,saying ‘I am a poor man’. But this incident can be taken as Holmes’ habit of creating ironic humor.

Among the many expensive momentos that he received from his many

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

illustrious clients a golden snuff box from the King of Bohemia, a ring from the Dutch Royal family, an emerald tie-pin from Queen Victoria and a gold soverign from Irene Adler stand out.  Holmes also received the Legion of Honor and a letter of thanks from the French premiere for catching a dangerous criminal.